Friday, March 16, 2012


Addy is FIVE!

I can not believe that she is 5 already! Time goes by so fast! Addy is out of control obsessed with Scooby Doo. She will not watch ANYTHING unless it is scooby doo. She got upset with me the other day because they do not have scooby doo panties for girls ( I have not been able to find any, that is.) So i knew she would want a scooby doo birthday party. I have to say I actually had alot of fun planning it.

I let Addy pick out all the food that she wanted to have. So we had "pupwhiches", jinkie jello, ghostly grapes, pesky carrots, daphne dip, and swamp punch. I also found graham crakers that are scooby snacks! The kids loved them!

After all the kids arrived I had Kevyn sneek out all the presents to the garage and he put them in the mystery machine. We then had to go on a mystery hunt to find out what happened to the presents. They got a clue after each game they played. We played pin the bone in Scooby's mouth, the mummy wrap game, then they had to pop the ghosts (balloons) to get the clue. And then we had a pinata. The last clue lead them to the garage to the mystery machine. It was really cute because some of the girls were very concerned that they weren't going to find the presents, there was a bit of relief when we found them.

We got the cake from Walmart. I thought it turned out super cute! I had to talk Addy into it though, the one she wanted was a haunted house and it was HUGE! I think it served like 80 people. We did not need anything that big!

Before everyone left we got a picture of each one of them. This was a big hit! They all thought it was the coolest thing. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

From Alice In Wonderland!

I had a halloween party this year for Addy and a few of her friends. They had so much! Addy helped me make all the YUMMY treats and get all the games ready. Later that night has we were getting ready for bed Kevyn said " Addy you better thank your mom for giving you such a great party" Addy replied " I better thank myself then, since I helped". I had to laugh because she said it with so much attitude!!

Carving our PUMPKINS

We had a great Halloween this year! Lots of parties and getting together with great friends! I had a great birthday aswell! Thanks to everyone for all you did to make my day fabulous!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We miss these Girls!!

This was our last sleepover with Camryn and Kayla before they left for Chicago.
We had so much fun that night, they girls did not want to go to bed. As you can tell they love making faces for the camera! There is never a dull moment with these girls!!

This was when we were saying goodbye the night before they had to leave. We miss them so much and wish they were still here. The people in Chicago are very lucky to have them there and I know they will make great friends. We still hope they will make their way back here soon. Addy said to me the other day " mom, I just need to play with Kayla and Camryn." It made me alittle sad! But we are looking forward to christmas being here so we can see them again! Love and miss you guys!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Little Late

Yes I know I am so past due on these posts but I am posting anyways!! This year for the 4th Me and my Sister made these darling wreaths that we thought would be so easy ( we always think that). They weren't terrible, they just used more flags than we thought. We thought maybe 4 or 5 hundred flags would do it and 1000 flags later we were done! I do like how it turned out though! And my sister also got the idea for the strawberries out of a magazine. They were a big hit. Addy had so much fun dipping the strawberries!

We had a BBQ at our house with my family and my cousins family. The cute little girl in the picture is my cousins little one, she is the cutest thing!! We then went to Sandy and watched the fireworks. We all had a good night!!


My poor little girl had to get her enormous tonsils out this summer. She was a bit nervous at first. As you can tell she was not happy that she had to change her jammies. After a lot of convincing and bubbles she finally changed. And then she was totally fine!!

Once we got changed we went to the waiting room, and I think she thought is was Christmas. She was so excited to see all the toys they had. She got to make her own doll. About 15 min. before they took her in, they gave her some "happy juice" to help relax her and so she wouldn't remember anything. I feel really bad cause me and Kevyn did have to laugh at her. She was so funny! She had no control over anything. Then they came and got her and took her away in a wagon. She did so good and we were so proud of her!!

The recovery was not fun at all!! She was miserable. I felt terrible. As long as we kept her drugged she would do ok. I am just glad it is all over and she is doing great and there is no more snoring!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Dancer

So I am a little late on getting these posted, but better late than never I guess, right! Addy had so much fun taking dance this year, especially since her cousin was in the same class. The day of dress rehersal and pictures I did both of their hair, they wanted it done the same way so they could be triplets. I tried explaing to them the difference between twins and triplets and they just thought I was crazy. They let me know that they were triplets. It was pretty funny!


The day of the recital Addy was so excited!! I think she was more excited about wearing makeup then anything else! All the girls did awesome on stage. Thanks family for coming and supporting these cute girls!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Addy is....

Yes my baby is FOUR!! I can not believe it, where does the time go? She loves Hello Kitty so we decided that would be a perfect party theme.

I will admit I had alot of fun planning and decorating for the party!!

Meet our

As the girls arrived they each got a hello kitty bow and then we painted their faces. And then it was on to the GAMES.

The girls loved the pinata! They each got to hit it with the stick but of course no one could break it. So then they each pulled a ribbon. Addy's ribbon was the lucky ribbon that broke the pinata.

After all the fun and games we sang Happy Birthday to Addy. The second she blew out the candle she grabbed the wick and of course got burned. We asked her why she did that and she said "she wanted to lick it." I felt so bad, but she got over pretty quick!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas Festivities

I am finally posting our Christmas craziness!! We had a great Christmas! I always love this time of year! I love being with family and friends and all the excitement! Addy was very excited for everything this year she had so much fun!! After we opened all our presents we got together with my family at my sister's house. Addy got even more excited when I told her grandma and grandpa had more presents for her to open, she could not wait to find out what they were! She started opening the first one, she didn't even have it out of the box but some how she knew what it was and the picture below shows her reaction!!

She was so upset!! She got a pillow pet, which she has wanted for I don't know how long! She has never said what one she wanted so I told my Mom to get what ever one she wanted. She got the wrong one! She got her the bee, which I think is adorable, but she wanted the unicorn! She wanted nothing to do with it the rest of the weekend!! But luckily we were able to go and exchange it for the right one! After all the drama we did have a great day!!

Christmas Eve!!

Christmas Eve we always have Kevyn's side of the family party. We always have a good time seeing all the cousins! This year how ever Addy got very upset with Aunt Darci because Aunt Darci had just had surgery and was resting in the chair Addy wanted to sit in. She would not look at her or speak to her the rest of the night. You can see how made she is in the top picture, Aunt Darci was the one trying to take the picture.

We always get new Pajamas on Christmas Eve! Addy was excited that mom and dad got new pajamas too!


We went and saw Santa at Cabella's this year. I thought their Santa was pretty good!
Addy had no idea that we were going to see Santa. She waited in line for an hour with no complaints and she had no idea why we were in line. Finally has we got closer she saw him she turns to us with a big grin on her faces and says "it's Santa"!!

The Temple Lights

Addy's dance class put on a little performance for the parents to show us what they have been working on so far. They all did so good!! For their dance they were Sugarplum Fairies!!