Friday, March 16, 2012


Addy is FIVE!

I can not believe that she is 5 already! Time goes by so fast! Addy is out of control obsessed with Scooby Doo. She will not watch ANYTHING unless it is scooby doo. She got upset with me the other day because they do not have scooby doo panties for girls ( I have not been able to find any, that is.) So i knew she would want a scooby doo birthday party. I have to say I actually had alot of fun planning it.

I let Addy pick out all the food that she wanted to have. So we had "pupwhiches", jinkie jello, ghostly grapes, pesky carrots, daphne dip, and swamp punch. I also found graham crakers that are scooby snacks! The kids loved them!

After all the kids arrived I had Kevyn sneek out all the presents to the garage and he put them in the mystery machine. We then had to go on a mystery hunt to find out what happened to the presents. They got a clue after each game they played. We played pin the bone in Scooby's mouth, the mummy wrap game, then they had to pop the ghosts (balloons) to get the clue. And then we had a pinata. The last clue lead them to the garage to the mystery machine. It was really cute because some of the girls were very concerned that they weren't going to find the presents, there was a bit of relief when we found them.

We got the cake from Walmart. I thought it turned out super cute! I had to talk Addy into it though, the one she wanted was a haunted house and it was HUGE! I think it served like 80 people. We did not need anything that big!

Before everyone left we got a picture of each one of them. This was a big hit! They all thought it was the coolest thing. I think they turned out pretty cute!


The McClellan Clan said...

THAT IS SO DANG CUTE AND SO ORIGINAL!! I've never heard of a scooby doo party and boy did she have fun!! Cute Idea with the presents!! I hope you are doing good!!! Take care

The Jackson's said...

Cheree, it turned out so cute. Wished we could have been there to celebrate. We love the first picture of Addy. Give her a big hug from us!

Amee Campbell said...

Wow Cheree, that's amazing!!

*Heather* said...

You're so creative! I can't believe Ady is so big.. what a cutie! We have got to get together soon!

Am-Biance said...

So fun!! Love all the great ideas...she is getting so big..she is a total doll....hope all is well with you guys!

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